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    by Lakmini Chamalika -


    DATE                : Thursday 04th August 2022

    TO                    : All Students

    FROM              : Registrar Office- Saegis Campus



    Dear Students, 

    Please note that the Student Dress Code will be explained in the Student Code of Conduct of Saegis Campus will be closely monitored with immediate effect. Therefore you are kindly requested to adhere to the guideline given below.

    Quote from Code of Student Conduct :  Clause 8.0.1 - Dress Code

    8.0.1 Students are expected to be properly attired within the Campus premises. Shorts, Short skirts, Mini-skirts, 3/4 trousers, rubber slippers and improper clothing will not be permitted inside the Campus; No slippers including sandals and collarless T-Shirts will be permitted inside the Campus premises.

    Accordingly, students who will come to campus in slippers(both male/female) and improper attire will not be permitted to enter the campus premises.


    Thank you,

    Dr Esmond De Silva


    Saegis Campus


    by Lakmini Chamalika -



    DATE                : Tuesday 15th February 2022

    TO                    : All Students

    FROM              : Registrar Office- Saegis Campus



    Dear Students,

    This is to inform you that arrangements have been made to re-commence all physical classes starting from Monday 21st February 2022. 

    The Management of Saegis Campus decided to stop physical sessions during the last few weeks due to the fact that a few students and some staff members tested COVID-19 positive and still a few others were at the first contact levels. We arrived at this decision to ensure the safety of all. However, during this short period, the academic department conducted online sessions as per the schedules without any interruption.

    Now, the students and parents have requested to start physical sessions as early as possible.

    Please remember, COVID-19 pandemic situation is not over, and we have to live with it amidst challenges taking all precautionary measures.

    Therefore, we urge all our students to take personal responsibility to follow New Normal Health Guidelines at all times to ensure the safety of themselves and all. 


    1. All students are required to adhere to the health guidelines: Wearing Face Masks | Hand Washing/Sanitizing | Social Distancing, etc.
    2. Please refrain from sharing meals. (Sharing food will be strictly prohibited).
    3. Please use cafeteria facilities mindfully & wisely.
    4. Students are not allowed to use the Lifts; Please use stairs always.

    The respective programme coordinators of the Academic Departments will send you the Timetables/Lecture Schedules and all other instructions. Please coordinate & cooperate with them.

    Please follow the usual guidelines and personal disciplinary practices as responsible individuals.

    Let's ensure the Health & Safety of all.


    Thank you,

    Dr Esmond De Silva


    Saegis Campus

    Re- sit Examination (July) - Timetable and Instructions for SQA Business Advance Diploma Batch 26 – 37 Semester 1 – 4

    by Manusha Galgamuwa -

    Dear Students,

    This message is regarding the re-sit examinations (Alternative assessment) for BS Batch 26 – 39 Semester 1,2,3,& 4. Examinations will be started from 7th July 2022 till 18th July 2022 via Saegis Online.

    Re-sit examination Timetable is attached. If any changed to re-sit examination schedule we will update you. 

    Students are require submit all assessments (Assignment and Alternative Assessments/Exam) to Saegis Online portal on or before deadline. You can use your existing logging details to login to Re-sit Unit.

    User name will be your index number password will be same password which you used to login to Saegis Online.

    General Instructions for Re-sit Examinations.

    1. The re-sit exams will be conducting from 07th July 2022 onwards though Saegis Online.

    2. In the Saegis Online there is a separate unit for Re-sit Examinations.

    3. Please refer the re - sit timetable for you re-sit exams. (Attached herewith).

    4. Upload the re-sit exam answer scripts as a word document to the portal with in given time period as outcome wise except 4th semester ICT out comes 3,4 and 5(Upload as  mentioned in the timetable).

    5. Please rename your work (answers scripts) with your index number and make sure to upload in to correct outcome. Please mention following detail in your answer scripts.

    ·         Name, Index Number, Module name, Outcome and Batch 


    ·         Students are require to attach Declaration form for each outcome (Compulsory). If unable to do so, it will consider as invalid submission and will received ''Fail'' mark.


    ·         Students who stand for second attempt is required to pay respective re-sit payment to Finance department and attached your payment slip with Assignment.

    Payment details as follows.


    Account Name - Saegis Campus (Pvt) Ltd

    Bank                  - Commercial Bank

    Branch               -  Foreign Branch

    Account No      - 10 3003 0902


    Account Name - Saegis Campus (Pvt) Ltd

    Bank                  - Sampath Bank

    Branch               -  Nugegoda Branch

    Account No      - 0003 1002 3655


    Please send your payment slip to (, Finance department for confirmation. You are require to mention your index member, Batch, module and outcome which you made payment clearly on the payment slip.

    **Please send the Business Communication LO 3 re –sit presentation via link. General Instructions

    ·         Students are required to present their presentation individually. No Group presentations are allowed.

    ·         Each student will be given between 5 to 10 minutes time to present

    ·         Students are require to turn on camera during presentation

    ·         Kindly submit the below documents along your presentation to ( Mail topic should be Documents for Business Communication presentation Re-sit.  

    1.      Presentation Slide

    2.      Agenda of the Presentation

    3.      Minutes

    ***The answer script after the deadline will not be accepted.

    Re-sit Results- SQA AD Business Studies

    by Manusha Galgamuwa -

    Dear SQA AD Business Studies Students,

    Re - sit results were published on the Saegis Online

    Re-sit Units > SQA AD Business Batch 26-39 - Re-sit session held in March  - 2022

    Reminder for Assessment Submission for Outcome 2 and 3 of Project management for IT

    by Mohamed Azeem -

    Dear Student SQA CS Batch 14 - Reminder for Assessment Submission for Outcome 2 and 3.

    🚩 The Deadline for Outcome 2 and 3 has been extended Sunday 22nd May 2022 mid-night ( Monday 23rd May 2022 -12.00 AM)

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